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So many on the planet are understanding the importance of love. This is not an emotion but a state of being. It has a certain resonance for the receiver.

Many want love in their life, not understanding humans are a sophisticated race, and can easily shift into being in tune with the infinite by practicing loving yourself, your space you live in, to the treating your property with sacred respect. By living in this way, then one can treat others and the earth at large with the respect they deserve; this attracts more love.

I have designed this Course: Transform Beautifully for the artist to resonate at a higher vibration level where you respect and love yourself, the people you work with, to the room you paint in this sacred manner. This Course acknowledges energy that impacts humans on every level thus creating a space where you will wake up to that which launches you forward into creating a sacred space wherever you go.

This is just one way to create on this glorious planet we call home.

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