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Our soulful style of teaching will inspire you to create a beautiful atmosphere for your home. Lazure is an art that should be passed in person. With empowering DIY Lazure videos you will feel like you are in the room with Master Lazure Artist, Danielle.

Exceptional Video Lessons

Step by step written and Video lessons on DIY Lazure painting from simple Lazure painting to more complex color graduations. Including Lazure painting around difficult areas such as doors and windows. These secrets will take you to a professional level.

Energetically Clearing A Room

Video lesson on energy clearing before you start to Lazure paint.Learn how to  get rid of psychic debris that impacts the energy of the room and its occupants. While smudging can help, we consider smudging energetic maintenance.


Color is a personal choice.  This DIY Lazure online course includes color mixing formulas especially for children’s age development in a Waldorf setting as well as Feng Shui color suggestions. 


With 6 hours of video demonstrations, sit back with a cup of tea and your notebook. Gain confidence to step confidently into mixing and applying colors and glazes.  

Year Access

1 year of classroom access: watch the videos & access the lessons during those 12 months from anywhere in the world.

Lazure By Yourself

You will learn how to work by yourself. There are tricks to work by yourself. The walls can dry fast creating lines and marks that are not beautiful. Learn tricks

Lazure With A Partner

If you are lucky to have a partner, we teach you how as working in a space with 2 people is like a dance. It can be messy or symbiotic creating a space of grace as you move around each other.

Lazure Painting Parties

How to manage Lazure ( Lasur ) work parties to create beautiful and nourishing rooms on a bigger scale like Waldorf Classrooms and Yoga Studios.

Planning Your Paint Project

By the end of this Course, you will confidently be able to plan your project as we demonstrate through our videos.

Opening Meditation 

Downloadable MP3 audio meditation to prepare you spiritually to paint. This course, unlike anything out there, helps you set the energetic space that will be part of the room even after you have completed applying Lazure.

DIY Lazure online course

Your Investment

DIY Lazure

Color Pigment

Not included. Water color will fade and can hinder the walls to not be washable. We recommend acrylic or if you are experienced in natural pigments. Go for it.

lazure glaze

AFM Acriglaze is top notch for lazure projects. It is very forgiving and allows you to work the room with more grace than anything we have worked with. Not included

DIY Lazure

Natural Lazure Brushes

Lazure brushes are not included. The tools are very important.  We think synthetic brushes are dreadful! Even if they are European! Synthetic bristles do not allow you to soften the glaze as a professional. We like this brush and this oval brush.

DIY LAzure

our online student example

Lazure by Supalak from Thailand

hire a lazure artist

We Create Unique Spaces

Years of experience allows us to create complex and spaces for a normal to high end home. One where people breath in a sigh of relief to be in. One where there is a sense of ahh.

based in

The Seattle Area

Serving the Pacific Northwest

We travel to other places


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