Welcome to Lazure Finishing!

My name is Hunter Kerr-Wilson and I am an artist specializing in Lazure painting. If you’ve made it to this site you may already know what Lazure painting is but if not, let me explain a little.

Thanks to the late Rudolf Steiner, the founder and polymath behind the Lazure painting technique for bringing the world his vision of creating a beautiful spiritual painting technique. This technique of using translucent color glazes creates a luminosity and depth of color that reflects light and builds dimensions throughout a painted space. Whether it be a room, feature wall, or canvass; located in a home, school, workplace, or wherever else one can find art.

Lazure painting in done in a rhythmic motion that allows the painter to get in touch with both their own spiritual aspect and that of the room, to imbue the walls with an aspired essence. This makes Lazure painting not only a painting technique but also a moving meditation, which lends itself to art that has a quality of grace and an imprint of love that is nourishing for the soul.

Depending on the Artist, there is a certain quality of space and peace that flows throughout a Lazure room.As the light changes throughout the day and seasons, so does the atmosphere of the room.The room has a quality that feels like being in nature. In nature nothing is stagnant and nothing in only one color. When looking at a tree or bush one sees many pigments making up the color of the leaves. It is light in areas and darker in other areas.This is because of pigmentation and the way light plays with color and depth. Lazure painting aims to mimic this effect. When being in a Lazure painted room, there is an interaction of light, color and pigmentation that makes it special over other more standard forms of painting.

This makes Lazure painting perfect for creating spaces where people can rest and find inspiration. In our modern world we often forget that letting our energy spread out and taking the time to rejuvenate is necessary. Having a space that has been created with the intention of harmony and imbued with the mysteries of the cosmos is a helpful reminder to take the time that is needed as well as a space for doing so.

My intention as an artist is to be a part of creating these spaces where light and color play and people can find healing, relaxation, and a place that is held. My work is ideal for those who are wanting any beautiful room filled with color and harmony. Yoga studios, massage studios, meditation rooms, children's rooms, bedrooms, or any room in need of color and balance. Please take some time to check out the rest of my website to see examples to Lazure or contact me on the Hire tab.

In Color Always,

Hunter Kerr-Wilson