Transform Beautifully the Online Course:
NOW: Revolutionize the way you paint and maintain the space of your home forever.

This On-line course: Transform Beautifully brings an awakening and transformational approach to painting and maintaining the space of a room.  Danielle’s specialty is landing beautiful, spiritually present rooms and in this On-line Course she shares her techniques on how to Lazure paint by using translucent color glazes that creates a luminosity and depth that reflects light and color dimension throughout the walls.  You will learn how to create rooms that are energetically clean, harmonious and nourishing. With awareness Lazure can be one of the most spiritually nourishing painting techniques for walls.  Not all Lazure is the same or feels the same, Danielle teaches you how to land beautiful spaces and to reach more cosmic spaces to land in your room. You can ensoul your nursery room, children’s rooms, living room, bedroom or even your office to inspire and nourish all those that use the space.  We see this course as an epic act of self-care that goes well beyond painting a room.

About the Course
Let Danielle’s generous and soulful style of teaching inspire you to create a beautiful atmosphere for your home. Lazure is an art that should be passed in person and includes written material as well as hours of high definition video lessons.  In this DIY Lazure Course you will start with learning how to energetically clear a room before you start to paint, helping you get rid of psychic debris that impacts the energy of the room and its occupants. (While smudging can help, this is a more effective technique).  You will learn the art of Lazure painting and have the confidence to step confidently into mixing colors and glazes.  The course content includes suggestions of color formulas to create a look you like for yourself or children’s rooms. But truly, we want you to be empowered to find your own inner artist. You will learn how to work by yourself as well as with a helper and how to manage Lazure ( Lasur ) work parties to create beautiful and nourishing rooms on a bigger scale like Waldorf Classrooms and Yoga Studios.  Finally, you will learn how to repair walls if they get damaged.

Now, the chance to create as you learn these techniques is available to you wherever you are in the world using this online adventure to transform your room beautifully and find your inner artist!

Now: Change the way you maintain the space of your home forever.


Course Topics:

     Step by step Written and Video lessons on Lazure painting from simple Lazure painting to more complex color graduations. Including Lazure painting around difficult areas such as doors and windows.
image6.pngColor is a personal choice and Danielle encourages you in finding your artistic nature; content however includes color mixing formulas especially for children’s age development in a Waldorf setting as well as Feng Shui color suggestions. 
     Video lesson on energy clearing before you start to Lazure paint.
     Instruction on painting alone, with others and managing work parties.
     Downloadable MP3 audio meditation to prepare you spiritually to paint. This course, unlike anything out there, helps you set the energetic space that will be part of the room even after you have completed applying Lazure.
     Fabulous music throughout the course from various musicians.
     9 months of classroom access: watch the videos & access the lessons during those 9 months from anywhere in the world.

Your Investment:
Transform Beautifully: the E-course is available Now for $69 US. Materials are not included in the course fee. All the videos are filmed in HD and a high speed internet connection is needed. If you can view the video on the home page you will be fine. If the video stutters and pauses, then pause the video and let it buffer before resuming. For questions, please contact Administrator.

Supplies not included: 2 Lazure brushes, pigments, and glaze will be needed

Lazure Brushes Source: The tools are very important. There is only one company that we have found to have excellent brushes. We like this brush and this oval brush. This company is newly available. Artists sold brushes to give people at least something. They were better than nothing. We have tried them and really encourage you to buy the Beek brushes as there is no quality comparison.

Now You can start today  $69.00

This Course is for you if you want to really learn the ins and outs of this beautiful method of painting. If you are wanting to be inspired and confident in color mixing and transforming your home beyond the material world, where you feel the divine energy, calm and peace in your space. If you are wanting to be mentored, this is the best alternative, as this Course is very comprehensive and is well beyond DIY tutorials. You have access to Danielle as she is dedicated to helping people create beautiful spaces on the planet with spiritual consciousness.

This Course is not for you if you are in a hurry and want to put paint on your walls and get the job done. It is not for you if you are skeptical about the spiritual world, and don’t think there are other realms that influence us. If you don’t think your thoughts influence those around you and emit an energy then this Course is probably not for you. Most importantly, if you can afford to hire Hunter, then there is nothing like having your space painted by a Lazure Master.

An on-line student's work by Supalak Tongsiri, Thailand
An on-line student’s work by Supalak Tongsiri, Thailand

“WOW. It was/is/will be so helpful!  And I absolutely loved your delivery of the information, the timing that you employ to shift from one activity to the next, and the filming with the fade out and in between sections. It is just perfect. What a gift you have created for people!” Anastasia, Early Education Teacher