Feature wall to pop out the kitchenThank you to the late Rudolph Steiner, the founder and polymath of Lazure for your vision to create such a beautiful technique and offer this to those looking for something outstanding. I have never seen anything like it on any walls. No other technique matches this as the glazes of translucent colors create a luminosity and depth that I have never seen another technique master. Your technique, which can land a space into a room, astounds me.  I have no interest in applying another painting technique such as faux or milk, as the spaces do not land the same. Sometimes when Lazure painting I am one with the wall, the universe and love; people feel this imprinted in the rooms that I paint. For this I Jose1am grateful for your vision and gift that allows me and others to paint our homes.

Dear client: At this time I only take a few select clients. If you are interested in learning this technique or having me paint for you, I invite you to contact me.

In gratitude and care, Danielle

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