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Hunter applies lazure in a specific moving meditation while she is painting. When in the room with her you will feel a spirit of intention that she lands for you. With the many water color glazes you will start to feel and see your walls come alive and glow. With her years of experience of mixing and playing with paint brings softness and peace to her work.


Grounding Facilitation

Lazure painting creates horizontal spaces where a room can shift from one space to the next.

Lazure can also be applied with a heavier weight and color at the bottom of the wall. This creates a grounding effect that can help children or adults ground.

Lazure Preschools
Lazure Classroom
LAzure for Waldorf
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Lazure allows a space to flow from one room or space to the next with ease for the eye and occupants vibration. Turn a corner gently with color transitions. As well, Lazure can stand out as a feature to highlight a unique architectural space.

Lazure beauty
Lazure Finishing wall
Lazure Finishing
Lazure beauty


Dramatic Frequency

Lazure can create a very dramatic to soft ethereal space. The picture with the white bed: lavendar shifts from light lavendar to darker lavendar creating a subtle and unique space in the room. This painting technique  is unlike no other.

Lazure bedroom
Lazure Baby room
Kitchen Lazure
Hunter Lazure
Lazure Home
Lazure Entrance
Lazure Drama

Rates and Expectations

The walls to be lazured need to be painted white giving a fresh clean canvass. Hire us to white out the space or have it done before we arrive.

Lazure is applied by hand with special brushes. For intricate walls, sometimes 10 brushes at a time. Wet glazes of water color are applied giving the walls a depth and translucency. This gives a unique affect of playing with light. Much like nature nothing is a solid wall of color. The layers of dimension mimic nature bringing nature into the room if applied with the elements of nature.

Glaze needs to rest and dry between painting  coats. As well, glazes are applied with cosmic symbology where the experienced artist moves in and out of cosmic spaces to bring this magnificence into the room.

How Much?

Rates start at $1200
It depends on the size of the wall, depth of colors to the amount of glazes to achieve the desired nourishing affect.

How Long Will This Take?

Depending on the amount of glazes and depth of color you would like achieved. glazes need to rest so we leave the space once a glaze has been layered.

How Do I Start?

Hunter will come to your space to meet you and greet your space. Take measurements and pictures. Or, you can send her measurements and pictures.

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