Terms and Conditions

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In this course I give you my life’s work. I have spent the last ten years Lazure painting and learning this technique as well as certifying as a Feng Shui Consultant and dedicating my life to the energy work that I am teaching you. I have had my failures and very trying times while Lazure painting. With great perseverance and my successes, I give you my life’s work with my open heart.  I bring all of this to you when I teach and I ask that you honor that journey as now this is made so much easier for you. Which I am excited to pass on to you. If you teach, please create your own unique artistic content when teaching or creating.  I ask if you pick up a thing or two from me that you would like to incorporate into your own repertoire that you give credit when doing so.

This E Course: Transform Beautifully is copyrighted intellectual property. You personally, as an individual person, are buying the right to use my work. You may not share it without my written consent. You may not post these files on any other site, personal or public.

I thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the spirit through which this Course is being offered. Welcome to a unique and transformative journey.