As a preteen I started lazuring with my mom. At the beginning I was mostly passing rags and brushes up the ladder,  and determinedly I learned the art of lazure and we became a mother daughter team. As I was attending Waldorf school and later in high school and beyond, I would often paint on the weekends and school holidays with my mom, this is where I fell in love with the Lazure (lasur) painting technique and the potential it has to bring cosmic consciousness to the walls that surround us. My mom has now turned her focus to teaching meditation and soul healing work so I primarily paint on my own.

Lazure a yoga room

I have always loved the medium of paint whether I’m using it in Lazure to paint a room or on canvas. My love of art started in Waldorf school and has grown from there. My Waldorf teacher often pulled my mom aside to tell her I was an artist. I am always learning by taking classes or just spending time working with paint. I draw inspiration from meditation, nature and travel. The Seattle area, where I live, has a great deal of access to beautiful outdoor spaces, therefore hiking and being outside has a big effect on my art. Daily meditation is another major part of my creative process. I often meditate before I paint and I would consider Lazure to be a form of moving meditation. The colors and forms I choose to paint are often inspired by my meditations, which I believe gives my work an added dimension.

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In Color Always, 

Hunter Kerr-Wilson

Lazure soft mauve room
Soft colors. Darker leading to lighter around the room..