Home: Where the Heart Is

snapdragon 004One of the things that holds me back from travelling is getting a good night’s rest and recently I discovered a possible solution. Most often, I do not really sleep well in hotels and motels. While some hotels and motels are better than others, the energetic space of the rooms are a consideration. I have heard that many other sensitive people can also have issues of getting a solid night’s sleep while vacationing. After much tuning in and putting vision on why my sleep does not have the depth when I am in a hotel/motel, I have come to see that hotels and motels have a very transient space. People come and go constantly, and that energy is reflected into the room. The walls hold this whirlwind of space. The staff who clean the rooms do so as employees doing a job. They do not take their time or hold a space from a place in their heart while cleaning the room. Typically, they are cleaning on a scheduled time limit and working against the clock. I actually have a background in the hotel business, running the housekeeping department of a large hotel. It is standard practice to allow 5 minutes for a bed to be made, 10 minutes for the bathroom to be cleaned, and ultimately a time limit on the whole room. This hustle and bustle from the staff, added to the transient nature of the occupants, contributes to a whirl wind energy that remains in the room. I suspect this is one of the reasons why people have vacation homes, boats, tents and RV’s, where they can settle in and truly rest.

If you are lucky enough to be in the Waldorf Community, you might be interested in an alternative to hotels and motels for your vacation. I have not tried it, but there is a Waldorf Home Exchange. Much about Waldorf education is about creating an environment. From the classroom lazure painted walls, to the floors, art, to the rhythm of the day and seasons. When painting in many homes I have often found that this energy is carried over in the Waldorf family’s homes. In fact, it is often very marked in the space in their homes and I often feel inspired by being in these homes.

If you are reading this and are not familiar with Waldorf education, Waldorf isn’t in your budget, or there isn’t a school in your area, I encourage you to delve into this aspect of creating a Waldorf type space in your home. I have found it to be very enriching and I can describe it as a very soothing environment that can be nourishing; even if they don’t have their walls Lazured. (Imagine if they did!!! wink)

Going back to the Waldorf Home Exchange, I can see the benefit of vacationing in a Waldorf home environment. For me, when I do travel and stop in at friends I don’t like putting people out unless they are really close, so swapping homes with other Waldorf families just might be the ticket.

Here is a link: Waldorf Home Exchange that I recently came across.  If you do the Waldorf Home Exchange, I would love to hear about your experience.