Creating beautiful rooms throughout the Pacific Northwest from
Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC.


When Danielle or Hunter paint a room, individually or as a team, you will receive a room that has been energetically cleared. Your room will have residual psychic debris from other people removed, bringing you a new start!  The room will be dowsed so that you are aware of where it is best to place a bed or chair. As well, with Danielle her Feng Shui back ground will assist with aligning your space for the best place to sleep. Their years of Lazure experience and dedicated meditation will give you a room imprinted with spiritual presence and beauty. A room where beauty is felt on every level.

Danielle is also available for private one on one spiritual healing therapeutic sessions where people delve into the world of higher consciousness, femininity, healing, past life regression (which influences this life), chakra work and deep self compassion through the space of meditation. For more information on her private therapeutic one on one healing sessions click here.


Hunter has a traveling heart. She enjoys painting, creating beautiful spaces, and exploring. She resides in Vancouver, BC and welcomes painting inquiries. Currently, she is travelling in Southeast Asia. You can visit her blog:

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