Danielle for brochure sharpenedWhile Danielle’s children were in a Waldorf School,  she fell in love with the Lazure ( lasur ) painting technique,  which has the potential to bring cosmic consciousness to the walls that surround us.  Since 2004 Danielle has delved into Lazure painting and painted throughout the Pacific Northwest with her daughter, who insisted on painting with her mother since the age of twelve. With her daughter’s youthful and innocent energy, the two landed beautiful spaces in homes. Now that her daughter is off to college and Lazure painting in Vancouver, Danielle continues to paint on her own with the help of special Assistants.

Danielle has led workshops in Seattle and Houston, Texas, creating rooms where people can have their spirit nourished. Danielle offers you the opportunity to experience rooms that nourish your spirit through her work and online course (Check out the How to Lazure course).

For almost two decades, Danielle has invested time, money and devotion to her own healing and alchemical transformation process which she brings to her work in homes. Danielle takes her art and healing seriously,  yet with lightness of being. Her practices of Meditation and Spiritual studies have finely honed her skills and ability to hold beautiful,  healing spaces for her clients. Danielle also offers one on one Spiritual Healing Sessions that are filled with wisdom and healing energy,  which you can learn about here.

Realizing that homes and work places can affect the body of energy, Danielle became certified as a Feng Shui Consultant through Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute and brings this knowledge to her work. Through the Clairvision School Danielle has also been highly trained as an Entity Clearer which allows her to clear houses as well as energies that people can catch.

Danielle has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Healing from Antioch University and a Degree in Business Management. She has worked as a Stock Broker Assistant, Property Manager, Retail and Hotel Management. Upon high school graduation Danielle worked as a hair stylist in one of Canada’s leading salons. Danielle left that creative world to join the business world, however she missed the healing and creative aspect of making people feel beautiful and cared for, returning to the spiritual and artistic practices over a decade ago. With this circle, she brings a wholesome approach to working with people and their homes.

Danielle has been  happily married for 25 years. Together with her husband and sixteen year old son,  they reside in Kirkland, Washington and miss their twenty year old daughter who is attending the  University of British Columbia. They enjoy the company of a smart cat and a playful dog.

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