“Color is the soul of nature and the whole cosmos, and 

by experiencing the life of color, we participate in this soul.”  Ruldolf Steiner

Thanks to the late Rudolf Steiner, the founder and polymath of the Lazure painting technique for bringing the world his vision of creating a beautiful  spiritual painting technique for our homes, Waldorf school and work places.

The technique of environmentally friendly and translucent color glazes creates a luminosity and depth that reflects light and color dimension throughout the painting,  The application is done in a certain rhythmic motion that allows the painter to get in touch with their spiritual aspect and imbue the walls with this essence. To be effective a moving meditation is imbued during the application,  which lends a quality of grace that is nourishing for the soul.

While  faux painting, color washing or milk paint are attractive, the spaces of grace, serenity and awe do not land in the same way. There can be a love that is imprinted to the walls by a good Lazure painter.

There is a certain quality of space and peace that flows throughout a lazure room.   As the light changes throughout the day and seasons, so does the atmosphere of the room.  The room has a quality that feels like being in nature.  Just as Feng Shui acknowledges, in nature nothing is stagnant, when looking at a tree or bush one sees many pigments making up the color of the leaves. It is light in areas and darker in other areas.  This is because of pigmentation and the way light plays with color and  depth.   When being in a Lazure painted room,  there is an interaction of light, color depth and pigmentation that cannot be matched by a standard  monochromatic wall. This Spiritual painting technique is like no other painting technique as it is applied in a very unique, meditative way and has a very rhythmic effect. orange wallCreating a beautiful Lazure space where people can rest and find inspiration is therefore key,  as we often forget that we need to rejuvenate and let our energy spread out.  The key is to spread out in a space that has been created with the intention of harmony and the mysteries of the cosmos. These pretty walls are ideal for those wanting wanting any beautiful room with colorful walls to stand out in harmony including the yoga studio, yoga room, meditation room, children’s room or nursery. Contact us today. Don’t forget to check out my How to Lazure page for the DIY Lazure course or Lasur.

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